Thesis constructing

Research Questions:

  1. Effects of metacogntive approach and Tomatis approach on listening performance (CET -4, or TM- 4)
  2. Effects of metacognitive approach on the evolution of WTL,
  3. Correlation of WTL with listening performance
  4. learners’ attitudes or perceptions toward these approaches


Research tools:


Metacognitive listening packages(?)

CET -4, TM4 tests as pre-and post- tests

WTL survey (?)

Tomatis material, listening packages (?)

post- interviews, questionnaires (?)



  1. modify parts of metacognitive approach
  2. connecting metacognitive approach with the WTL
  3. WTL and listening comprehension in test
  4. korean as second language learners
  5. Tomatis approach/sound therapy and L2 listening comprehension


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