Tomatis method introduction

The real story of tomatis


Tomatis is the first to identify the crucial role of humans’ ears in producing the sounds. His method was proven to impact on and integrate aspects of human development and behavior so much that he came to see human life through the focal point of the ear.


He produced a sum of books, most of which were published in French.


The primary law of Tomatis theory: A person can only reproduce vocally what he is capable of hearing.


the main assumption for the L2 listening study is that the reason why we cannot hear a particular listening material is because we are not able to identify a particular range of sound frequencies.


One corollary of the law concerns the restoration of auditory capability.

The second corollary is that the restoration can be achieved through the controlled auditory stimulation.


Listening which is different from hearing functions in many ways to human beings, affecting voice, language, rhythm and coordination, motivation and learning abilities.



Operation of Tomatis method


A description of the Method is showed in several publications (Thompson, 1993a; Thompson and Andrews, 1999). In general, the participant listens for one hour or two daily and 30 to 60 hours are sufficient. For other developmental and rehabilitative needs, the training can continue until goals have been achieved.


Such methods are underpinned by his theories of how the ear works, how the ear best influences the neurological system and the primary functions of the ear.


The Tomatis method:


  1. filters in EE to regulate sound frequency range through extend the range of listening and speech as wide as possible.(this can be achieved though the filtering softwares)
  2. shifting the sound from different channels to relax and tense the ear muscles.(this can be achieved by accelerating and slowing the sounds)
  3. vary the balance of sound between the right and left ears. increase the sound intensity of right ears and reduce the intensity of left ears.
  4. the timing delay of sound reception between the bone and air conduction can be changed slow down the processing of information internally and to awaken the individual to attend to incoming information(given enough time to make the delays).


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